Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Le Parfum Eau de Parfum



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Forget convention! Show off your legs. Who cares if it’s shocking! This eau de parfum intense allows you to flaunt all the rules. Tempted? A little spray here and there and you’ll get people hot under the collar with indignation and desire. So, are you saying Scandal Le Parfum has no limits at all? A smokin’ hot red bottle that causes more than a stir. Stunning legs that demand attention. Intense floral amber fragrance. Too much! Walls will crumble and chandeliers will tremble. Its jasmine and black vanilla notes have become infatuated with the unexpected salted caramel. All this just to guarantee that you turn more than few heads!

A fiery red Scandal

Forever yours! These cheekily sensual bare legs are still the talk of the town. This scandalous bottle is so smokin’ hot that even the glass is blushing with desire. You have to admit that when they put on a show, these golden legs knock your socks off.

A stunning bottle

All great Scandals play with appearances and seduce by surprise. As if nothing was happening behind the pink letters, she slips her bare golden legs into the red velvet case. Before bursting out into the open and turning your senses upside down with a spray of fragrance. Fabulous Gaultier!

Fragrance description
A deliciously intense floral amber fragrance

Floral amber/Eau de Parfum Intense created by Fabrice Pellegrin, Daphné Bugey and Ane Ayo

A Scandal with each swing of the hips. It’s shocking! How dare she? The senses are offended. The salty caramel notes are so naughty! The explosion of jasmine is so dazzling. The black vanilla is so intoxicating. A truly floral amber Scandal. Deliciously audacious. Intense like its eau de parfum.

Fragrance notes:

  • Top notes: Jasmine
  • Heart notes: Salted caramel
  • Base notes: vanilla

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Fragrance Type

Eau de Parfum

Fragrance Family