Idôle Now Eau De Parfum

Bright Florals & Warm Vanilla


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Introducing IDÔLE NOW, a unique florality inspired by nature, augmented by science.

A rich, bold new fragrance, Idôle Now merges high quality natural ingredients with science. At the heart of this new fragrance lies a powerful trio of iconic ingredients inspired by nature and augmented by science.

Formulated with upcycled rose, safely extracted Malaysian orchid accord, and sustainably sourced vanilla infused with repurposed biotech vanillin, Idôle Now inspires the future of bold yet sustainable perfumery.

Fragrance notes:
The Idôle Rose is upcycled through the use of discarded Rose water and then reinfused in the final formula. Merging its essence and its water, our Idôle iconic rose expresses all its natural facets in a new, invigorating note.

Idôle Now captures the delicate Malaysian orchid scent while preserving the flower through headspace technology.
It is a unique natural scent translated into a musky orchid accord, adding a touch of warm elegance to Idôle NOW’s powerful trail.

Using biotechnology, sustainably sourced Madagascar Vanilla Bourbon infusion is now augmented with repurposed natural Vanillin to produce an even more irresistible and powerful trail.

Inspired by the light of a new dawn, the new Idôle bottle is colored with a fiery sunrise growing in intensity from top to bottom. This sunrise represents a new opportunity to be united and to build a better future together.

Idôle NOW is an unapologetic scent that encapsulates the strength of a generation whose time to create change is now or never. Idôles are trailblazers and together, we create a new way.

How to Apply:
This unforgettable perfume is intensified by the warmth of your own body. Apply on your neck and wrist, as well as in the creases of your knees and elbows for a longer-lasting, stronger scent.

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