Banderas The Icon Splendid Deodorant Spray -150ml

What is success? Is it fame? Power? Luck? It has always been related to these concepts, but things are changing.


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The time has come to redefine success, to transform it through a current feminine vision.​ Luminosity, enthusiasm and authenticity are the new values ​​on the rise. An attitude is emerging that makes a difference: that of an empowered, luminous, natural woman who is free to fly! A scent that, like the woman it represents, escapes the obvious and ventures into territories full of subtleties in which it moves with freedom and attitude.

The mandarin awakens the fragrance’s luminosity and is embraced by the pink pepper! In the heart, a true bouquet of flowers is composed of orange blossom and peony, which bring joy to the perfume. Deep down, Sandalwood brings creaminess and vanilla warms with all its sensuality that will remain in your memory forever!

Gender: Feminine

Top Notes: Mandarin and Pink Pepper.
Body Notes: Peony and Orange Flower.
Base Notes: Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Olfactory Family: Floral